Bitrates on producer(s)

I was running into a blurry screenshare resolution issue on the consumer side and was playing around with the bitrates – experimented and realized that the maxIncomingBitrate default set on the demo app was making things blurry; Increasing the maxIncomingBitrate on the RTC transport significantly and saw much better results – almost near perfect.

I have a few questions/doubts:

  1. Will increasing this maxIncomingBitrate on the server-side have any performance hits on the SFU, except increased bandwidth consumption on the server?
  2. The screenshare still starts with a little blurry and then readjusts to clearer in most cases.
  3. Is there a better way to go about it? Think I saw we can set the bitrates for individual producers on the client-sdk in the producer encodings

What’s the ideal way to mandate bitrates on producers? (The docs read that we can set a maxBitrate, but something along the lines of minBitrate?)

Any help/directions/insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile: