Broadcaster on the same host

I’m trying to inject a video/audio stream into the router. Being new to mediasoup I’m looking at the available examples. The “broadcasters” folder contains 2 shell scripts that appear to do pretty much what I need, but the negotiation is done over Websockets, so this app acts like a client. For some reason while the mediasoup-demo works just fine on my computer when I use the “official” clients in Chrome, I have trouble connecting. The very first command
{HTTPIE_COMMAND} GET {SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID} > /dev/null
returns HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found. Maybe I’ll figure it out sooner or later, but my questions is can I use a scripts on the server side directly to create a PlainTransport and stream audio/video from ffmgeg to it? I believe Mohsen Khahani has done it, but I couldn’t find any details.

Of course you can use these scripts on the same server. There’s probably something wrong with the link, did you specify SERVER_URL correctly?

Was my stupid mistake: wrong port.