Help expanding Recording example to send and receive please

Hi all,

I’m using the recording example as the basis for an in-house app. Totally new to mediasoup and fairly new to webrtc, but not to programming/servers.

I asked for, and received - thank you - help the other day with getting ffmpeg to stream properly from clients to the server.

So my app now does the basics of what I want - n clients (max of 5 for now which is all I need) can connect to the server and each client streams it’s local audio to the server. The server then uses ffmpeg to output each one to a different local audio sound card. Works great. (The logic here is the sound card is a mixing desk, and I am manipulating the audio there, then sending it back to the PC).

But… I need to also be able to send an audio stream back to each client. Each one will be a different stream (taken from the sound cards using ffmpeg).

I’m totally stuck getting a return stream. Sorry. I really have tried.

I get the basics, I think. I’ve read as much of the docs as I can but I’m going around in circles.

I think I’m right in saying I need to start a new transport for sending back from the server to the clients (one per client). And then I need to connect to that from the client and “produce” from the server to be “consumed” on the client.

But I’m stuck, as stuck as a pig in mud.

I had this working ok on peerjs but that was all browser based and I wanted to move it to node.js and an SFU approach but I’ve ended up taking too much of my time (this is not my core job).

Can anyone suggest a way out of this please. Either help me get my thinking straight so I can get it finished myself or if someone is willing to do it as a paid job, please let me know.

I could go back to my peerjs solution but I’d rather not, not having spent so much time on this and getting so close. It’s probably 30 minutes work, if that, for someone who knows what they are doing. The ffmpeg bit isn’t that important, as long as I can get to the point where I can actually send a stream back to the clients browser to be played via an audio html element. I can do the ffmpeg bit myself once I get that work.

I’m equally happy to be guided to learn how to do it myself but I can’t spend another week on this!

Many (many) thanks in advance.