Build and maintain one-to-many MediaSoup

Hi there,

We need to build a one-to-many mediasoup project that is highly scalable. Audience sizes will definitely reach 10,000+. This is currently an audio-only broadcast.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining a media server that can handle high-volume traffic, provide stable performance.

The project will include the following:

  • Designing and implementing a scalable media server using mediasoup.
  • Ensuring the stability and performance of the server under high-volume traffic
  • Troubleshooting and fixing any issues that arise during development

If you’re interested in this project and believe you have the required skills, please email me at or leave a message here. Kindly include your portfolio, resume, and a brief description of your experience.

Thanks, Stephen

My project Mafalda SFU is targeted to your use case, please write me to and let’s talk over there.