building rust mediasoup in archlinux

just wondering if any one has success building mediasoup rust in archlinux, below is my error when building the libmediaoup-worker
seems arch don’t like the --system flag of pip install, any one has a solution for that

here is my system
gcc: 13.2.1
python: 3.11.3
pip: 23.2.1

any help would be awesome

thanks advance


ok i have figure out what the issues here is, its not a archlinux issue, its the gcc version, version 13 seems to have issues to compile mediasoup workers, maybe a good idea to put this into the doc maybe. i can confirm this, as i downgraded my gcc everything works as it should

If that is indeed the case, a better approach would be to provide a PR that adds a check for the gcc version.

probably if someone else can test this to confirm is the case before doing pr for this

What version of gcc did you downgrade to? I might be encountering a similar issue as well.


Thank you for your reply.