Can I create a sendTransport and recvTransport from 1 server-side Transport?

My current implementation has the front-end request 2 transports on the the server. 1 for sending, and 1 for receiving. I’m wondering if I need to do this at all.

My thought was that a recvTransport and sendTransport could both connect to the same transport, but this doesn’t seem possible. As when I try to connect the 2 local transports to the server-side one, it errors saying the transport has already connected.

Thanks for your time, and for this amazing SFU as always :slight_smile:

Each Transport in mediasoup-client must be associated to a single WebRtcTransport in mediasoup server. I expected that this is clear in the doc:

However, if you understood that two transports in the client can use the same transport in the server, then something is wrong in the doc. Please let me know.

Ahh. I think it’s clear in the docs for the SFU. I didn’t read that part. I thought it might be stated here:, either in the secition for WebRTC Transports or .createSendTransport() / .createRecvTransport(). Maybe it’s worth a mention there, but I definitely think it’s clear in the docs you linked.

I’ve improved a bit the doc. However not sure what needs to be improved. Nowhere in the doc is said that two Transports in mediasoup-client can share the same WebRtcTransport in mediasoup server.