Can't install mediasoup on Window

Anyone help me out I can’t installl the lastest medisoup version on my PC, I am using window 11, python version 3.8, node version 18 here is my error:

See and follow Add --no-user in pip install commands by ibc · Pull Request #1257 · versatica/mediasoup · GitHub

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Fixed in mediasoup node 3.13.10

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Had the same problem with mediasoup rust crate, fixed it by reinstalling python from official website and set checkbox “Install for all users” during installation. Then I had a problem with aliases, fixed it by adding alias for python3 command. Now I have another issue, when I try to add mediasoup crate I get the following error:

ninja: error: manifest ‘’ still dirty after 100 tries

Don’t know how to resolve that error, will be really appreciated if someone can help me.