Combining multiple producers into one simulcast consumer

Here is my setup so far:

┌───────────┐ ┌───────────┐
│SOURCE 360p│ │SOURCE 720p│
└───────────┘ └───────────┘
│ MEDIASOUP               │
│  router ────► consumer  │
                │ CLIENT │

Both sources are two different resolutions of the same stream. I want them to be delivered to the consumer/client as simulcast.

The question is, can I use two RTP producers (one for each source) and combine them within mediasoup to one simulcast consumer? I am fine if the answer is a simple no, then I will do this outside of mediasoup. I just would like to do as much as possible inside mediasoup.

[Edit: Moved to mediasoup-libraries category since I only ask about the mediasoup API side of things. I am not asking for solutions outside of mediasoup as those would be outside the scope of thi whole forum anyway]