Connect single pipeTransport to multiple pipeTransports on different servers

We are using the pipeTransport API to transmit streams from one mediasoup server to another.
We have come across the following scenario, imagine there are 3 servers M1, M2, M3.
If I want to pipe streams from M1 -> M2 and M1 -> M3, can I use the same pipeTransport object in M1 to connect with M2 and M3?

Will I have to create 2 pipeTransport objects or can I reuse the same object?

I don’t think one PipeTransport can connect to multiple IPs/Ports so you would need to create 2 pipeTransport objects.

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@beingmountain23, the docs really say it clear.

A pipe transport represents a network path through which RTP, RTCP (optionally secured with SRTP) and SCTP (DataChannel) is transmitted. Pipe transports are intented to intercommunicate two Router instances collocated on the same host or on separate hosts.