Using webRTCSever to create pipeTransport

Hi @all,

From version 3.10.0 mediasoup released with new webRTCServer to create webRTCTransport instead of random port in configuration.

We are using pipeTransport to cascade multiple media streams from different servers. Is there any way I can use webRTCSever to create a pipeTransport?


WebRtcServer depends on ICE to work and obviously there is no ICE in PipeTransports, so not possible. However I don’t understand the problem. You just need a single PipeTransport pair to interconnect 2 mediasoup servers. If you create a mesh of servers then you need different ports for them.

As you say, I am currently using mesh of servers. Because of that, I have to manage (mapping) the extra port numbers when creating the pipeTransport, so I’m thinking I can take advantage of webRTCSever again. Thank you with useful information.

So do we need to have multiple ports for pipeTransport ? can’t just use single port for pipeTransport even for the mesh ?