Custom openssl dep compile options

Hi all,
looking at the the mediasoup server build configuration, I see that you are using a custom openssl build where asm or avx2 options are disabled ( Are there some motivations using a custom openssl build, or is it fine using Debian or Ubuntu libssl build?

We use openssl from Node.js project as it is:

Regarding enabling certain openssl options, we are not gonna enter this stuff until we move from GYP to CMake:

Ok, in my opinion it should be better using a dynamically linkage, since openssl libraries are updated very frequently by sysadmins.

That would break the mediasoup design decision of including all needed C/C++ deps instead of relying on system libs being installed externally.

I’m asking this because enabling asm and avx2 will improve ssl performance ( I don’t know why nodejs disables these options.

Sure, but we’ll do that once we migrate to CMake. So if you wish, feel free to mention those options in the corresponding GitHub issue so we’ll take them into account.