Data binaries exchange via webRTC datachannels is a feature??


I need to send a volumetric video as binary via webRTC datachannel. I try it with another webRTC library but I would like to try with mediasoup. Datachannel text message is a feature, I have read in the documentation but binary exchange is a feature as well?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the initial questions, I am starting with this framework,


I have found this information in the documentation, sorry.

  • Just use router.createDirectTransport() to create a DirectTransport and then create use directTransport.consumeData() on it to create a DataConsumer that will receive the data messages sent by WebRTC endpoints.
  • The new dataConsumer.on('message') event will trigger with those received messages so the Node.js application can handle them.
  • In the other direction, use directTransport.produceData() to create a DataProducer in Node.js and make the WebRTC peers consume it as usual.
  • Then use dataProducer.send() method to send text or binary messages to them.

There is also daraConsumer.send() for WebRTC based DataConsumers which is more optimal. It’s documented in the API section.