Distributed Scalable Mediasoup Consultant Needed

We are looking for a consultant to scale our mediasoup architecture from a non-distributed environment to a distributed architecture that can scale from 100s to 1000s of participants. Ideally, here is our requirement -

Let’s say there are 4 individuals joining from 4 different places like USA, Europe, Africa and Australia.
The distributed architecture should allow these individuals to connect to their nearest data center media server and they should be able to communicate seamlessly. To be precise,
Individual from USA will connect to Server A in USA region
Individual from Europe will connect to Server B in Europe region
Individual from Africa will connect to Server C in Africa region
Individual from Australia will connect to Server D in Australia region.

All of these 4 individuals will be in one meeting room and should be able to communicate seamlessly over a video call.

All these servers from different data centers are interconnected.

Let me know if you can help. I can be reached at kishore.daggubati@gmail.com

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