FFmeg as consumer


I would like to record my video conferences.

I think I need to use ffmpeg but I do not know how to do it.

Is there documentation or does anyone have an idea of ​​how to do it?

thank you,

mediasoup does not come with recording capabilities by design.

If you want to produce or consume from a non WebRTC endpoint like ffmpeg, there is a specific section in the docs:

I would love to learn this as well. So far I can confirm that there’s network activity on the port specified by createPlainRtpTransport().tuple.localPort, but after days of wrestling with this that’s pretty much all I got. The documentation example is for injecting stream from a file to the transport, but what I need unfortunately is the opposite (i.e record the stream from the transport to a file on a remote host). I’m already willing to pay anyone who can solve this for me :sweat_smile:

Definitely we are not experts in FFmpeg or GStreamer, so we refer to the documentation and forums of those projects: