Get rtp out stream with external endpoint


I have a scenario, for example imagine media soup demo, I want to use ffmpeg to capture rtp stream and have some processing on it (for example converting it to HLS).

The only documentation that I’ve found is this:

so first of all is there any example for RTP OUT scenario ?
is this line applied to FFMPEG ? "
" You may need to build a “remote” SDP offer based on those transport and RTP parameters if your endpoint requires a SDP."
by this I mean can i simply create a consumer transport and use ffmpeg to capture the stream?

And finally what will be the uri that I can use to capture the rtp stream ? I’m guessing rtp://(transport IP):(transport PORT) but It wont work (it will connect but it wont capture any stream).


There are some related projects referenced in the Examples section in the mediasoup website.

And bypass all the other requirements told in the section you referenced? No, you just do more things.

This is a ffmpeg related question. No idea.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Actually I couldn’t find any example with capturing stream (there is one for injecting) I’ll be really grateful if you tell me which one is about capturing.

I believe I’m satisfying all the requirement that you have specified in that section.
for example in the demo example, first I’m creating a broadcaster with specifying rtpCapabilites, then I’m creating a transport and finally I’m calling {SERVER_URL}/rooms/{ROOM_ID}/broadcasters/{BROADCASTER_ID}/transports/{videoTransportId}/consume endpoint to connect the transport to producer to get the stream.
Is there anymore step that I’m missing ?

The problem solved,
this project:
helped a lot.