Full-time role working with Mediasoup + Typescript


I work on a product called Normcore (https://normcore.io/) which is a multiplayer plugin for game development. We’re expanding to support web experiences and are currently building out audio / video functionality.

If you love working with Mediasoup, Typescript, and NodeJS, we’d love to have you. Our whole team has been remote since the company started in 2016.

More info here: Jobs – Normal


Hi max,
Hope you’re doing great. I know this post is meant to hire people for the job but Incase you want mediasoup consultancy for questions related to cloud hosting, architecture, client libraries I’m available. I also provide training to help organizations adapt mediasoup.

You can reach me out at (muhammedsalarkhan@gmail.com)


Thanks for the offer! I think we’re good on mediasoup architecture support. Mainly looking for extra muscle to help us build and maintain services built on top of it.

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