GetUserMedia Black screen

I am having a strange issue to where when I capture an application window or I drag that captured window to a different monitor (Plugged into a different graphics card) the stream turns black (even when displaying the scream on the producer) and all I can see is the mouse cursor. If I click and hold the top bar of the application (the top bar where the min / maximize buttons are) or if I drag it back to the other monitor, Its starts to capture again.

First monitor (working capture) : AMD RX480
Other monitor (black screen capture) : AMD RX 6900XT

I have tried calling disableHardwareAcceleration() but that seems to do nothing.

If I use another app like Discord which uses the same screen capture tech. I can capture it no problem.
I do have hardware acceleration enabled in Discord which according to Discord captures using h.264. (I have tried that on my app with no luck)

Any ideas of what is causing this and how to fix?