Group video conference, how many participants can accommodate each room?

Excuse me
Using mediasoup sfu to implement group video conferences, how many participants can accommodate each room? How can I achieve this if I implement more interactions in a single conference room?

“Achieve” what?
Sorry, super unclear question. There is documentation about that in the website.

Please forgive my question
Scalability description on the official website “” on the host CPU capabilities, a mediasoup C++ subprocess can tipically handle over ~500 consumers in total." My understanding is that if the peer-to-peer mode subscription, a mediasoup c++ sub-process can handle less than 20 sounds Does the video consumer mean that only 20 peer-to-peer conference participants can be accommodated per interactive session? My requirement is that each audio and video conference needs to handle a larger number of participants. How do I configure the solution?

I don’t know what “peer-to-peer mode subscription in mediasoup” mean.

Completely untrue.

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