Hello world issue

Hi everyone

So i went through all the documentation … i thought i was ready to takle this :)) boy i was wrong
The best hello world i could think of was setting up the demo app

I have a EC2 t3.medium instance on AWS all UDP ports open + tcp 443, 4443
npm start in the server
npm start in the app

i go to my domain, i see myself, i see the icon for the other person but i cannot get his video and audio feed
the nasty thing is that i tried debugging but there’s no error anywhere … or maybe i am not looking where i am supposed to :slight_smile:

any ideas why this happens?


Why have you open this topic in mediasoup topic if you are obviously checking the mediasoup-demo app and there is a mediasoup-demo category here in this forum?

Define what “debugging” you have tried.

thank you :slight_smile: very useful … top notch support :slight_smile:

for anyone else reading this … switch to:

  1. https://janus.conf.meetecho.com/
  2. medooze-media-server

You may also wish to check the FAQ:

Another approach (given that you are so stupid) is: go to hell and fuck off.

Please don’t escalate. You guys do a really good job with mediasoup and not everybody thinks the same.

alupigus there are links in the forum on how to setup mediasoup-demo in k8s. To host if yourself you would need something similar. Please don’t be that guy.

I helped somebody setting it it up before if you need the instructions give me a shout, I may have them somewhere.


Thanks but he has banned from participating again in this forum.


He aetheon,
We’d love it if you would share the instructions on setting up mediasoup in k8s!

Please, open a separate topic for your question, avoid direct naming and don’t ask for free consultancy services.

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