Hosting meidasoup server on AWS EKS using ACM certificate

I am working on deploying a mediasoup server on EKS using ACM certs. I have created self signed certs for my local environment but now need to use the ACM certs in my kubernetes cluster. ACM does not export private keys for the certificates, so the configuration used in the mediasoup demo will not work. AWS instead recommends terminating tls connections on a load balancer. Just curious to see if any one out there has tried this? should this work? or do you need the Certificate and Key in the project for https configuration?

This question is just about enabling TLS for HTTP and WebSocket. Not related to mediasoup. Just imagine you are deploying a web server and do the same. Then make the mediasoup demo server to NOT use wss but ws.

Awesome, thank you!

Edit: Damn, didn’t mean to necro a thread

You won’t be able to use an ACM certificate for this. You’ll need to either put your instances behind a load balancer and terminate SSL there or generate a certificate using another provider and load it in in your application.