How can I send/receive application data on _join notification?

I know I can receive application data ( ‘appData’ ) on newProducer and newConsumer notifications. Is it possible to receive a similar record on a ‘newPeer’ notification?

mediasoup does not have “peers”.

I’m just working from the mediasoup-demo. The roomclient makes a protocol request for “_join”, like this:

	// Join now into the room.
	// NOTE: Don't send our RTP capabilities if we don't want to consume.
	const { peers } = await this._protoo.request(
			displayName     : this._displayName,
			device          : this._device,
			rtpCapabilities : this._consume
				? this._mediasoupDevice.rtpCapabilities
				: undefined,
			sctpCapabilities : this._useDataChannel && this._consume
				? this._mediasoupDevice.sctpCapabilities
				: undefined

and appears to receive a set of peers as a result. Is this something that is just propped up by the demo?


We write extensive API documentation. Please check it

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Yes, I suppose I should have posted this to the mediasoup-demo topic. I can now see that, in my example, it is clearly the protoo client that is sending this request. I see that now and I apologize.

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