How do I stop the resolution from changing

The height and width are both smaller than the primary key and how do we set them to stay the same

Get onto a better network connection and it will push as much as you want.
If browser sees that it can’t deliver what needs to be delivered it will start decreasing resolution, disabling layers, etc.

But this is nothing about mediasoup, this is generic WebRTC behavior.

Query similar problems when see parameters may be enableCpuOveruseDetection but did not find when relevant configuration

I don’t think there is a client-side option for that. At least I have never heard of. But in Chromium-based browsers there is a limitation reason presented in stats, so you can monitor that and adjust somehow if you think you know better what to do instead of letting browser adjusting automatically.

Making restrictions on the client does not solve the problem :(( But thank you for your answer and I will continue to adjust it