How to make a network check tool

Hello ,

We are using mediasoup to privide webrtc service , some of users’ network is behind different firewall or router , gateway. By some security reasons , our UDP ports or TCP ports are blocked by them.

We use below single port way to provide webrtc service.

await worker.createWebRtcServer(...)

Are there any ways to add a simpler light echo service that only respond an echo UDP package with ack in WebRtcServer without signal and ice handshake?

By that way we can give customers a tool to test if network reachable.

I tried to use tracert command on windows, but that only support ICMP. Other tools like nmap is reqired to install driver program.

You better install a TURN server with https listening in port 443 as everyone does.

You can send a fake STUN packet of the request class and any method except binding. The server will (very predictably) answer with a packet of the error class, error code 400, which can be used as an indication that the server is reachable. In case you really need this.