mediasoup 3.10.0 released with the new WebRtcServer class (listen into a single port)

Hi all,

mediasoup 3.10.0 has been released. Among other improvements, it comes with a new feature that will make the devops guy at your company happy:

The new WebRtcServer class that brings to WebRtcTransports the ability to listen on a single UDP/TCP port (or N specified ports) per mediasoup Worker.



Great, thanks for the update. Our devops guy was extremely cautious about the ports now he should be happy.

With this change I think the port will be used per worker instead of per transport which means it will reduce the number of ports being used dramatically. As all the transports within one worker can use the same port.

Kindly make a way for native client libraries for andriod/ios as it is not ok to rely on the third party clients which are rarely maintained. I have opened a topic here:

Basically you are asking us to create and maintain more code for free. Please don’t ask for that in an unrelated topic.

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Actually no one was replying in the original topic I mentioned above, let’s connect on that topic, thanks.

Still you are asking for someone else to do that and insist about it.

BTW if you read the forum and not just the messages you publish you would realize of this:

So in short official clients for android/ios is not in the list of you for near future atleast. I guess we are left with no other option except to do it ourselves but the problem with that is, everyone will have to do that on his own and instead of working on core feature of call we will be first working on creating a client first. Right way is that there should be a centralized solution for that.

Let’s us hope any of us create a solution that will have strong base to support the mediasoup community, thanks

I am not blaming you guys, you are already doing much. If time and money is the issue I think mediasoup community should support on patreon etc.

If you do it by yourself, then you can publish it as Open Source and problem solved, right?

Yes temporarily, if I don’t maintain that and abandon it then all who are using it will be in trouble. And they will have to repeat what I did.

Anyway I will dig deeper into it, thanks for your time.

Si you want that others do it and maintain it forever with the help of some Patreon or similar, right? I see.

So here a proposal: you make it, get help via Patreon or similar and maintain it forever.

If I will make it I will make it open source :slight_smile: , no need of petreon, will mention it in this forum as well.

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