How to support full ice and sdp?

For special reasons, I need mediasoup to support full-ice and sdp. How should I solve this problem?

Full ICE is not supported and will never be. It is very suspicious that you need it, but if that is unavoidable then either mediasoup will not work for you or you’ll have to create a fork with necessary feature, which is very non-trivial and is the reason why it is not supported.

On SDP there will be no support for it either out of the box, but there are many ways to convert to/from SDP, just search the forum.

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If ice-full needs to be supported, may I ask which code needs to be modified?

Judging by the question you probably need to hire someone to do it.
There isn’t a single line you need to modify, you need to read the spec and do a bunch of invasive changes across the codebase for that.

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