Migrate from medooze to mediasoup

I am trying to migrate from medooze to mediasoup, part of the implementation is done on medooze and another on mediasoup, on mediasoup I created worker, router and producer and connected them to a consumer on medooze, I got this warning on mediasoup "peer indicates ICE-CONTROLLED in STUN Binding Request => 487 " , what I need to change in mediasoup or sdp offer to fix this

mediasoup and medooze are ICE Lite servers (read about ICE Lite in meeiasoup docs or in the corresponding RFC), so they cannot connect one to each other using ICE. Perhaps you may connect them using plain RTP but I don’t know about medooze.

Thanks for the quick reply, ok I am planning t replace the medooze part, so the consumers will be on one server listening to a producer on another server, can you provide me with a documentation on doing that, we might have tens of thousand of consumers and I want to scale them easily

You will need piping between the routers either they are on one server or different servers, it is all written in documentation:

You should spend time reading mediasoup docs. Everything is there.

it says in the documentation that WebRTC transport implementation of mediasoup is [ICE Lite], does that mean the plainTransport or pipe transport doesn’t support ice lite?