How to turn off the timestamp in the log output by PM2

Mediasoup log messages don’t include timestamp in the console. But when I use PM2 to do log to file, a timestamp is added to every log message. ITOH PM2 has an option to add timestamp as a prefix to the log messages which is disabled by default and when I enable it, double timestamps are added so it’s not about PM2.

I wonder where does this timestamp come from and how can I turn it off. AFAIK mediasoup uses debug package for logging and no timestamp is provided by this package.

PM2 log output having timestamp disabled:

2020-01-09T07:06:59.693Z mediasoup createWorker()
2020-01-09T07:06:59.696Z mediasoup:Worker constructor()

PM2 log output having timestamp enabled:

2020-01-09T07:07:55: 2020-01-09T07:07:55.148Z mediasoup createWorker()
2020-01-09T07:07:55: 2020-01-09T07:07:55.149Z mediasoup:Worker constructor()

Have you tried to set env var DEBUG_HIDE_DATE? that should sort it.

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That solved the problem. Thank you. :smiley: :pray: