How to turn off debug log on React Native

I want to turn off debugging log on react native. In document (mediasoup :: Debugging) I can’t found it in react native.

Thank you.

 INFO  awaitqueue resolving task [name:transport.closePendingConsumers] +562ms
 INFO  mediasoup-client:Transport produce() [track:'{"_constraints": {"deviceId": "default"}, "_enabled": true, "_muted": false, "_peerConnectionId": undefined, "_readyState": "live", "_settings": {}, "id": "3103a201-d3a4-469f-ba19-c778737d4049", "kind": "audio", "label": "", "remote": false}'] +17s
 INFO  awaitqueue push() [name:transport.produce()] +7s
 INFO  awaitqueue execute() [name:transport.produce()] +0ms
 INFO  mediasoup-client:ReactNativeUnifiedPlan send() [kind:audio,] +7s
 LOG  rn-webrtc:pc:DEBUG 4 addTransceiver +7s
 LOG  rn-webrtc:pc:DEBUG 4 createOffer +7ms
 LOG  rn-webrtc:pc:DEBUG 4 createOffer OK +6ms
 INFO  mediasoup-client:RemoteSdp updateDtlsRole() [role:server] +7s
 INFO  mediasoup-client:ReactNativeUnifiedPlan send() | calling pc.setLocalDescription() [offer:'{"sdp": "v=0\r\n' +

As mentioned in the docs, mediasoup-client uses debug package for debugging purposes, so you will have to look into that package, here is one thing I found on github:

Hello, did you find success on this? Logging on React Native is becoming very frustrating at this point.