[iOS] Nested Frameworks rejected by Apple. Cannot submit to the AppStore for review

Hello everyone,

I tried to submit an app using pod ‘mediasoup_ios_client’.
I met some issues:
1- I needed to add a script to remove i386, armv7 and x86_64 architectures → OK
2- Duplicated WebRTC frameworks, with a script → OK
3- Nested framework, WebRTC framework is embedded in “mediasoup_ios_client.framework” → Apple rejects. and of course if I remove it, the app crashes

Did anyone find a way to submit an app using pod ‘mediasoup_ios_client’ ?
@ethand91 Any advice ?

Thanks a lot

Removing manually the WebRTC.framework inside mediasoup framework from pod fixes the issue (delete the folder called “Frameworks”, not only the framework itself ;-))