Is there a way we can detect poor connectivity

Hi, I have checked tranport and consumer getStats api, but I am wondering how could we determine if the user connection is getting slower. The scenario is: I have a room where 3-4 participants join the call, now if someone’s internet connection is slow I want to detect that.
Thank you

There is much more written documentation than just the stats. I’m sorry but I’ll stop helping in this kind of super generic questions. We wrote doc for something.

I have been checking/reading documentation since days, but I could not find any proper answer for this. Please point me to something.

How you read the mediasoup server-side documentation, API and stats? If you want to correlate the quality of the sender and the quality of the receiver, use the scores of Producers and Consumers. And server side transport stats provide lot of info about available outgoing bitrate. The new “trace” event in transport should also help if you subscribe to “bwe” type.