WebRTC call quality

Hi all! We have developed a client-side library webrtc-issue-detector that evaluates the quality of a WebRTC call and detects the causes that lead to problems. It calculates the score by Mean Opinion Score (MOS) formula. It also includes set of webrtc issue detectors that helps to find out the causes. We use mediasoup as the basis for our scalable cluster of webrtc servers, so the library integrates perfectly with the mediasoup client. It is also fully customizable and open for everyone to use. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Thank you!


This can be very useful. Thanks for posting.
What are the other methods like onNetworkScoresUpdated .
I am able to use this one only.
Also can we detect TURN usage using this ?

Hello! No, unfortunately the detecting of using relay servers is not yet part of this package.
You can find out by matching candidateType === ‘relay’ in your rtcpeerconnection stats.