Key frame without PLI

I’ve just read here that if the keyframes are not in reply to the PLI, they “are mostly useless”.

So if a producer (like ffmpeg) does not support PLI and sends keyframes at regular intervals, but the consumer keeps on sending PLIs he will never be able to recover? Or did I misunderstand this?

Firstly, if the producer does not support PLI then do not negotiate them if you know they will be ignored.

Secondly, the consumer will have the chance to start encoding from a fresh key frame every time it receives one, no matter if it was requested or not.

Thanks! I guess you mean “consumer will have the chance to start decoding from a fresh key frame”.

And yes, I don’t negotiate any RTCP feedback (like you guys do here).

Yes. It’s “decoding”.

Yes, “decoding” of course.