Wierd PLI messages

Hi there, I have noticed that Chrome logs a lot of “No decodable frame in 200 ms, requesting keyframe.”. But video and audio works perfectly fine, and producers do not receive any PLI feedback. I was curious to which mediastream this may be related and digged into the traffic, and seems that once Chorme begin to consume a video from Mediasoup it start sending this PLI requests and they correlate with the message mentioned above ~=4 PLI packets per sec. They always have Sender SSRC of 1 and random “Media source SSRC”, which were not anounced by any signalling. This is reproducable on mediasoup-demo page. Do anyone know the reason for this behavoiur, or have noticed it?

I beleive i found the cause, it seems like all this stuff is casued by probator, but i can’t undestand why it shows random media source ssrc in wireshark. In mediasoup it is decoded as 1234, but the packet seems to have a different hex value for media source ssrc as per wireshark.

If you open webrtc-internals in receiving Chrome you’ll see that, indeed, there is an inbound video stream with ssrc 1234 and no one else (other than real video ones).