latest "bowser" release breaks webpacked mediasoup-client apps

Apologies if this is off-topic, just a heads up to folks who might run into the same trouble.

Bowser 2.6.0 added an ESM “module” entrypoint to its config.json, and webpack prefers that to “main”, which means the CJS style requires in detectDevice are busted for webpacked applications.

Finding the trouble was more pain than I expected, so I thought I’d leave a note here. I’ve filed an issue upstream at

Definitely good to know.

I’m meanwhile able to work around this by specifically requiring "bowser": "2.5.3" inside my own package.json, so the mediasoup-client requirement of "bowser": "^2.5.3" is fulfilled.

It’s been fixed in mediasoup-client 3.2.5 which includes bowser 2.6.1 (which fixes the problem).

Thanks for reporting!

You’re welcome, and many thanks for mediasoup!!