libmediasoupclient + NVENC (h264)

Has anyone enabled h264 hardware encoding/decoding on Nvidia graphic cards for libmediasoupclient? If yes, how?

I know that this is mostly a libwebrtc question, but I think it is still relevant for libmediasoupclient users.

I’ve been digging through the libwebrtc group, but the only thing I could find over there is that you basically “have to do it yourself”. There is this though: Nvidia hardware acceleration in webrtc. Apparently they provide a libwebrtc version with hardware enc/dec enabled. But this is for the Nvidia Jetson boards.

I find it hard to believe that there isn’t any source code or just binary library that we could easily(:tm:) link to when building a libmediasoupclient app. In the end, there are browsers that support webrtc and h264 hardware encoding…

Please let me know if you have some hints about this.

Do you have to use libmediasoupclient though? You can use GStreamer and it definitely has access to hardware acceleration on various platforms. It might be tricky to get simulcast and temporal scalability working though.

Not necessarly, it’s just that I already have a libmediasoupclient app that works fine, I thought it should be fairly strightforward to plug in the Nvidia enc/dec.

Moreover, I’d like to stay in the mediasoup ecosystem as much as possible since I know quite a lot about it.

There is nothing easily(:tm:) about libwebrtc. :grin: