Load testing with virtual client-stream

For load testing other applications (based on http/apache/php/mysql) , there are many tools which sends thousands of request to server and we can check server’s behavour during load.
I was searching if anything possible with mediasoup?

something like virtual peer can be connected and create virtual producer with defined media file… just to test load on the server.

Maybe this : GitHub - versatica/mediasoup-broadcaster-demo: mediasoup broadcaster demo (libmediasoupclient)

You’ll not be able to successfully load test it on your own, I pull a sneaky and deploy some servers and friends and run a batch script to load the page as a consumer.

So on my PC I’ll load like 12 producers, and then the servers will mass spam for these consumers at 100-500+ requests a second and this tells me we’re killing it with how we handle, control and refrain from over-loads.

I’m not a fan of the few claimed testing apps out there and found writing custom loaders worked great for seeing!:slight_smile:

You could try this: GitHub - vpalmisano/webrtc-stress-test: A tool for running concurrent WebRTC sessions using chromium web browser in headless mode.