Scalability and Testing

I am new user here. I have successfully implemented mediasoup on 8 core cpu. I have few questions,

  1. As per Scalability 1 router can handle 500 consumers. If i pause the consumer from server side, will it will comes in those 500 or should i close the consumers when producer pause the video or audio to support more users.

  2. Is there any lib or way i can test 10-15 meetings with upto 50 users.

  1. There is no limit to 500 pr router. The metric is roughly 500 pr CPU core, though that number in most cases is quite conservative. There is no need to tear down the consumer, pausing it is fine. The limit applies to Consumers with active media on them.

  2. There are a few demos and applications made with Mediasoup that you can look at in the examples category on the homepage. If you are talking about automated testing, I don’t think there are any readily available sources for that.