Macos Safari 14 won't display H264 mediasoup video

Hello! I have quite strange problem and hope for the help.

I’m using mediasoup for videoconferencing and found that Safari v14 on Macos won’t play H264 42e01f video provided by Chrome or Firefox. I got only blank content in <video> element. At the same time Safari gives me correct rtpCapabilities against h264 and consumer was created successfully.

Here is the config on mediasoup server:

"codecs": [
        "kind": "audio",
        "mimeType": "audio/opus",
        "clockRate": 48000,
        "channels": 2
        "kind": "video",
        "mimeType": "video/h264",
        "clockRate": 90000,
        "parameters": {
          "packetization-mode": 1,
          "profile-level-id": "42e01f",
          "level-asymmetry-allowed": 1,
          "x-google-start-bitrate": 1000

I’ve tried to check it using mediasoup-demo app and got the same effect: blank video.

Looks like another bug in Safari to me. Did you try to report it to WebKit issue tracker?

Will do definitely! Asked here in hope this issue may be related to mediasoup itself.

@adamansky any luck to this? I’m seeing the same thing in Firefox with profile-level-id 42e01f.

Got no success with H264 in this particular case. Just replaced H264 with VP8.