Using codecs other than H264/VP8

Hi was just curious, am I limited to using the h264 codec for trying to stream over RTP using mediasoup.

I saw some info how it only supports h264/vp8 for simulcast, but does that mean there is no support for codecs like AV1 or H265?

Have you read the mediasoup documentation or is it just a random question?

Random question, probably better rephrased, is there reasons as to why AV1 codec isn’t/wont be supported?

Just read through the supportedrtpcapabilities file and got answer for H265 though

And also seems like someone is working on a fork for AV1, great!

On top of that VP9 is already fully supported and has a better browser compatibility than H265 and AV1.

BTW, WebKit merged enabling VP9 support by default very recently, so next release of Safari will have it working out of the box.

Because it’s a super recent codec not even implemented yet in real world?