maxBitrate exceeds a preset limit

Hello. Thanks for great product! Sometime I caught bug(maybe it’s not a bug). I set maxBitrate value == 100000(It depends, I changed on 500000 and more), and I got values
“mediasoup-demo-server:INFO:Room transport “trace” event [producerId:5bd0828f-a276-4ec9-b679-dc9e51091858, trace.type:bwe, trace:{ direction: ‘out’, info: { availableBitrate: 100000, desiredBitrate: 82839, effectiveDesiredBitrate: 82839, maxBitrate: 111832, maxPaddingBitrate: 95057, minBitrate: 30000, startBitrate: 100000, type: ‘transport-cc’ }, timestamp: 1926027556, type: ‘bwe’ }] +0ms”
Also I set on client same value when I made producer.

What is the question?

NOTE: You are mixing Producer maxBitrate and server side sending BWE, which are 100% unrelated things.

why I set value maxBitrate == 100000 and saw in logs value maxBitrate bigger than 100000

Ok, read my previous response. Do not happily ignore it, please.

Yep I understand , I have not to set mixBitrate twice(on front and server side). I described what I did. Of course I tried set maxBitrate only on server side and it didn’t work also. Thank you for response!

Please, forget such a maxBitrate field in the trace event. It’s not what’s you think.

I’m terrible sorry, but what does maxBitrate in trace mean?)

Related to mediasoup sending bandwidth estimation. Please don’t use trace event unless you really know what for.

Thank you!