mediasoup 3.5.0 is out, with SRTP and RTX in PipeTransport and more

mediasoup 3.5.0 is out!


  • :white_check_mark: PipeTransport: add support for SRTP and RTP retransmission (RTX + NACK).
  • :white_check_mark: PlainTransport: Add support for SRTP. New “tuple” event.

By enabling RTP retransmission and SRTP in PipeTransports, now it’s possible to interconnect mediasoup servers running in different hosts or even in different countries, no matter how good the network link is, by using encrypted RTP in both directions.

SRTP in PlainTransport is useful to connect non WebRTC endpoints that support SRTP (such as many SIP devices) to mediasoup.

In addition, PlainRtpTransport has been renamed to PlainTransport (the old naming still is valid and marked as DEPRECATED).

As a bonus: new “tuple” and “rtcpTuple” events in PlainTransport that notify the application when the remote RTP/RTCP origin has been discovered (if comedia mode is set).


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