EncryptedRtpTransport instead of PlainRtpTransport ??

I am trying mediasoup and the brand new gstreamer demo and got the initial demo working.

Any plans on your roadmap to allow for SDES-SRTP encryption using a shared key rather than sending unencrypted PlainRTP to/from the mediasoup server. On Janus, this is possible to do. I was wondering if you have any plans to support EncryptedRtpTransport. Both ffmpeg and gstreamer do support srtp encapsulation of the plain rtp and hence the question.

Hi. Please do not directly mention any author or member of mediasoup. BTW it’s not just me :slight_smile:

SRTP on plain and pipe transports is definitely a good to have feature. I’ve created a feature request in GitHub: https://github.com/versatica/mediasoup/issues/352

We’ll address it when we get some time. Contributions and donations usually help prioritizing things :wink:

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