mediasoup-broadcaster-demo is recording from microphone

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I might be misunderstanding, but isn’t the mediasoup-broadcaster-demo supposed not produce any sound? Looking into MediaStreamTrackFactory.cpp it definitely looks like that:

auto fakeAudioCaptureModule = FakeAudioCaptureModule::Create();
if (!fakeAudioCaptureModule)
	MSC_THROW_INVALID_STATE_ERROR("audio capture module creation errored");

factory = webrtc::CreatePeerConnectionFactory(
  nullptr /*audio_mixer*/,
  nullptr /*audio_processing*/);

and then in the fake_audio_capture_module.h

// This class implements an AudioCaptureModule that can be used to detect if
// audio is being received properly if it is fed by another AudioCaptureModule
// in some arbitrary audio pipeline where they are connected. It does not play
// out or record any audio so it does not need access to any hardware and can
// therefore be used in the gtest testing framework.

But when I run the application it grabs the computer’s microphone:

(I can also hear myself :slight_smile:)

I am running the mediasoup-broadcaster-demo on Ubuntu 18.04.04.

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I don’t understand yet why, but it seems that the audio is taken from the PeerConnectionFactory created in the PeerConnection.cpp.

I have made a little experiment demonstrating this here. Basically just doing the same as in the MediaStreamTrackFactory.cpp but in the PeerConnection.cpp (in the PeerConnection constructor)

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In case someone else runs into this problem, here is what worked for me:

Device::Load(…) and device.CreateSendTransport(…) both accept an optional “PeerConnection::Options” parameter which in turn contains an optional webrtc::PeerConnectionFactoryInterface* member. Provinding the same factory as used by the audio module (for example from MediaStreamTrackFactory’s createFactory()) apparently solves this problem.

There’s a gotcha though. The factory’s network thread needs to be created like this:

networkThread = rtc::Thread::CreateWithSocketServer().release();

Have a look at this for a working example.

I didn’t check for any side-effects, so use it with care. Anyway, as libmediasoup creators said repeatedly, this library is still work in progress.

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Thanks for your sharing!