Audio artifacts (commpression noise)

Hi there,
Sometimes I am experiencing “noise” in the audio coming from mediasoup (sounds like random compressed noise). I am starting the consumer paused server-side, and then unpausing it client-side once the client’s consumer is ready. I am creating an audio element in the client, and attaching the source .

Wondering if the issue is how I setup the producer codec:

this.micProducer = await this.producerTransport.produce({
        stopTracks: false,
        track: track,
        codecOptions: {
          opusStereo: 1,
          opusDtx: 1,

or how I setup the receiving audio:

const stream = new MediaStream();
let elem = document.createElement('audio');
elem.srcObject = stream; = elemID;
elem.autoplay = true;

has anybody experienced this kind of random noise? and if so, how did you solve it?

mediasoup and mediasoup-client don’t deal with encoded audio so such a noise comes from the audio source.

thanks @ibc… Understood, but the source is clean. I know that for a fact. May be the noise/compression sound I am hearing is due to the channel (i.e. packet loss, etc, or browser issue)

is codecOptions: { opusStereo: 1, opusDtx: 1 } good enough? I see other params here mediasoup :: API

I’d not confuse browser audio-enhancements with packet-loss/lag so silly question…:smiley:

Are you referencing echo acoustic cancellation that dubs background sound out (at times may muffle things)?

Try useDtx: false (it’s boolean, not number)

Also try disabling autoGainControl and echoCancellation.

Client snippet code:

async function getUserMedia() {
  let stream;
  try {
    stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ audio: {
        autoGainControl: false,
        noiseSuppression: true,
        echoCancellation: false
      video: false })
  } catch (err) {
    console.error('getUserMedia() failed:', err.message);
    throw err;
  return stream;

Also test disabling noiseSuppression.
Be careful, I use no video, only audio.

THANKS!!! I think DTX was the culprit here (the compression noise) and also the autoGain on the getUserMedia seems to make the audio much cleaner

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The echo cancellation in WebRTC may not be ideal in some cases, and it requires client-side optimization for certain specific scenarios. Where can we start to solve similar issues?