mediasoup-client 3.6.80 released (UPGRADE PLEASE)

Hi, if you don’t upgrade to mediasoup-client 3.6.80 then, in less than 15 days, your app will stop working in case you use VP8 simulcast.

See related PR: fix(svc): simulcast/svc broken on M111 because S1T2 is not valid for VP8, use L1T2 instead by thebongy · Pull Request #247 · versatica/mediasoup-client · GitHub

You may also want to know about those new improvements/features:

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This client will work for mediasoup 3.9.0 server?

Hello, why do you need scalabilityMode? It seems that we did not send it with simulcast before! Just sent scaleResolutionDownBy and maxBitrate

Mediasoup client’s handlers add it internally anyway.

it turns out I can upgrade to this version of the client and not send scalabilityMode right?

Yes, it just changes what underlying handlers do when they receive the same arguments as before.

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