mediasoup-client and adapter.js recommendation?

In this thread from 2018, advice is given to not use webrtc-adapter with mediasoup-client. I just wanted to check - is that advice still applicable today? Should we still avoid importing webrtc-adapter when using mediasoup-client?

Yes, of course.

The clear use case for this is apps that want to support both p2p and Mediasoup, possibly depending on room size for example. A supported adapterjs handler could be really handy. We have been experimenting with using adapterjs and mediasoup together and are having initial success with it, though we have not completed our testing. Clearly for Mediasoup only implementations, adapterjs is unnecessary, and not desired.

When I first started writing my framework, I was using both and felt that the two were generally compatible. However I removed adapter.js when I found the recommendation against it in the documentation. One thing you can consider is encapsulating either your p2p adapter.js client or mediasoup client (or both) within an iframe to prevent them from interacting in unpredictable ways.

I think I’d rather adapt one of the current handlers as a custom adapterjs handler rather than use iFrames. Thoughts @ibc? Is there a handler you would recommend starting with? What are the prospects of getting that merged?