Plans to update libmediasoupclient to use more recent version of WebRTC


Are there any plans to update WebRTC dependency version?

Thank you.

Will do eventually

Is it possible for you to share timeline on that?

On the other hand, are you open to pull requests? There were some deprecated functions removed around version M105 or so. I think small version updates can be easier to manage rather than going straight for the latest one.

I cannot provide an ETA, sorry. Will be done when possible.

@Joe Did you manage to build the client to use m105? I am getting some errors such as

error: no matching function for call to ‘mediasoupclient::PeerConnection::AddTransceiver(webrtc::MediaStreamTrackInterface&, webrtc::RtpTransceiverInit&)’
212 | webrtc::RtpTransceiverInterface* transceiver = this->pc->AddTransceiver(*track, transceiverInit);
| ^

is these error due to dependency version? or these functions have been deprecated? they are too many bug fixes have been done to m105 which makes a lot of sense to you with mediasoup client! hopefully the team will updated sometimes soon

WebRTC M112 is going to be released as part of Chrome M111 , currently planned for release on April 4th 2023.

Three PSAs were published that may require action from developers:

In addition to this, please note that the legacy stream statistics are disabled by default in M112. If you still rely on them you need to register for the corresponding deprecation trial.

Sorry for the late reply. I did build quite a few versions, cant say if I did build 105 for sure.

You get this error because this method has been removed in a favor of another, safer one. Removed methods were also marked deprecated in M94 version as well. They have removed methods that were returning T* or a bool. Now these methods return structs like ErrorOr<T>.

Just look at the sources and you will find the method with the same name but different args/return value. Patching libmediasoupclient to use correct methods should be rather trivial.