mediasoup-client doesn't compile on Typescript 4.3

TypeScript 4.3 was released today, and one of the changes is that it removes the type RTCPriorityType. Typescript 4.3 removed some types that no browser implements, and I guess RTCPriorityType was one of the types removed — it used to be defined in Typescript’s lib.dom.d.ts.

The removal of RTCPriorityType makes mediasoup-client not compile on TypeScript 4.3 since mediasoup-client uses RTCPriorityType in SctpParameters.d.ts and DataProducer.d.ts.

Ideally, we should make mediasoup-client stop using RTCPriorityType so that mediasoup-client still works on the latest version of TypeScript.

I see, but I don’t see this is gonna happen in the short-term (too busy). PR welcome.

You could run a static version rather than compile it each time if this is an issue its happened to me before and I’ve not changed my client since. Sticking with the truly trialed standards across major browsers and leaving the rest for another 5-10 years. :slight_smile: