mediasoup-demo issue after lag the connection

Hi Iñaki! We were doing some tests with mediasoup-demo and we detected the following:
if we force a “delay” in the upload connection, after this delay ends, the video does not return to the original quality, but remains with a very low quality. Is there any configuration that can be done to detect this and return to the original quality after the connection stabilizes?

Hi, let’s avoid direct naming when asking for support. There are more mediasoup developers and people that can help here.

Please specify whether you mean the uplink stream (the producing browser) or the downlink stream (the consuming browser).

Sorry about direct naming.
I mean the uplink stream

Please provide much more info: number of streams (assuming simulcast which you did not mention), browser, stream bitrates before and after the “delay”, num of streams generated by the browser before and after, what such a “delay” is, etc.

I follow this steps to generate this issue




Before the “bandwidth stress” chrome use like 1,5 - 1,9 Mbps of network.
After the “bandwidth stress” chrome use like 0,2 - 0,3 Mbps of network.

Sorry, that report is wrong. You are looking at the original video resolution which is not what the sender really sends but the resolution of the local video track. The PeerConnection encoder can decrease its quality (frame rate and resolution) due to poor uplink conditions, but you still see 1280x720 in the local peer video. That means absolutely nothing, it’s just the local video track resolution, nothing else.

You should learn about the spatial and temporal layers and check then in the consumer side instead of looking at the video resolution:

The consumer bandwidth restore will be improved once we implement a new RTP probator:

Thank! I monitoring the remote bitrate by layer and when i stress the connection, the bitrate of layers 0.1 and 0.2 are equal to 0, and it never come back to have data. In a normal scenario (satble connection) layers 0.1 and 0.2 have data. I m using VP8 encoding now.
By now, is there a way to reset a media producer?

I’m not sure whether you are monitoring bitrate in the Producer or in the Consumer. Can you clarify?

What do you mean by “reset a media producer”? Do you mean the browser RTP sender? If the browser detects poor uplink it will reduce simulcast streams until it detects good conditions.