Mediasoup Digital Ocean deployment

Our mediasoup implementation for our streaming app is not showing the host’s live-stream in our staging environment. It is working perfectly in localhost.

We are using Digital Ocean with a loadbalancer (tcp ports are forwarded) with kubernetes droplets (firewall has ports open and a Dockerfile also exposes those ports).
announcedIp is the loadbalancer public IP. The droplets inside have a public and private IP.
And lastly, we enabled hostNetwork in kubernetes’ deployment.yaml file.

We are looking to hire a Digital Ocean and Mediasoup expert to help debug our infrastructure.

Refer here for more information on our issue: Digital Ocean mediasoup deployment not showing live-stream

Please leave your contact information to discuss the project.

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Hi @c0decr0w I’m Muhammad Salar Khan.

Reach me out on It must be an issue of your public vs private Ip.